Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Prontera Area - CoA Raid Token and Drop List

thank you so much to Sammyren and others who helped with this list :lol: 

Baphomet Garden:
Blue Minotaur: Earrings, Ornament* 
Red Minotaur: Shoes Token, Ornament*
Humbaba: Bottom Token, Ornament*
Baphomet: Weapon, Valkyrie Design*, Epic mats*

Baphomet card can be obtained from Baphomet and Baphomet Jr. (yes the Bapho Jr. outside Baphomet's room)

PvE Arena:
Gearbaz: Necklace
Entrion: Necklace
Vadon X - Vadon Z: Shield/Quiver, Gloves Token
Xeno Spider: Gloves Token
Giant Drill: Headgear Token
Pertus: Headgear Token
Einherjar of Twilight: Top Token, Valkyrie Design*

all bosses in PvE Arena has low chance to drop ring

Culvert of Abyss (credit to Sammyren):
Culvert Band (Vocali, Piani, Guitari): Gloves Token, Earrings*
Golden Robberbug: Bottom Token, Necklace*
Mini & Mongi: Headgear Token, Ornament*
Aromine: Top Token
Ratmaster Kremp: Weapon, Shoes Token

in CoA, accesories (mostly ring) could drop from mobs