Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Assassin Build Guide ( Stats )

- Great DPS class.
- Has many skills to use.
- Great damage output burst.
- Easy to use and learn.
- Less costy in gears than other class.
- Most of the skills are instant to cast.
- Appreciated in Raids and Dungeons.
- Dat awsom pose when standing.

- Not meant for tanking.
- Decent survivability with Shadow Armor.
- No healing skills and abilities.
- Melee.
- Ugly after activating Shadow Form.

Stat Build
40/40/8 - Most common build chosen by players.
41/41/0 - If you don't like putting stats to Vit.
50/29/2 - Maximum damage dealt per second
29/50/2 - Great critical rate and decent damage.
33/33/32 - If you like to balance out your stats, although this one is for Rogues