Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Noel : The Soul Maker

The Soul Maker

The Soul Makers cannot use Alter skills. They are restricted to their use of their own skills. However, the Soul Makers are able to use the Heal ability and strengthening buff through linking with various objects. 

The Soul Makers are able to provide object buffs through linking and are able to increase the buff effects by dealing special abilities.

Main Features of the Alter:

Ability to provide buffs to individuals or to everyone within their party
Able to cast skills that increase their own or their party's abilities
Self-recovery skill allows the Soul Makers to recover their own HP
Able to debuff enemy skills and increase their own movement speed
Able to heal the whole party
Have Deluge Mode. Able to increase their own ability and share skills with party
Deluge Mode enables the Alter to cast more powerful skills