Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ragnarok Online 2 Chef in general by Rawrbites

Before starting off, I personally think chef is one of the tougher job compare to the others... If you wan a simpler 1 I recommend alchemist/ blacksmith just picking stuff by the road side

-cook food (what else? nothing else)

there's only 2 kind of food you can cook
-buff food
-healing food
-processed materials (needed for higher level foods)

Healing foods
you should notice when you use this you will be sitting down and regen hp/sp a lot faster than usual.

-usually heal up to full hp/sp 

-u will sit down and slowly regen
-very vulnerable to aggressive monsters (find a good safe spot to sit down then) 
(thief can always hide before using food to avoid these monsters)

Buff food
these food boost your attribute like critical, attack instead of primary stats like alchemist's buff potions. Good thing it last for 1 hour (^_^)

-boost defense, attack/magic attack (together), critical, dodge, parry
-stack with buff & boost potion (why not?)
-last for 1 hour (longer than buff potion from alchemist)
-doesn't wear off after death (alchemist buff potion is gone when u die)

-hard to make
-depends on monsters (certain monster drops certain materials)
-hard to level up your job level (my opinion could be easier for some ppl i guess?)
-same as buff potion one type can be active at once (no stacking critical food and attack food)

Collecting Ingredient
Chef is similar to artisan in this way. After you kill the monster, you can press R to loot items, material you need from the monster have to be picked up by right clicking on the dead body of the monster. When I say dead body, this also mean you can pick up from dead monsters that other ppl kill :D !(usually blacksmith and alchemist leave it alone because they don't need them anymore) but you can utilize it :) get job exp when picking up too.

for places with a lot of aggressive monster, try lure it to a safe spot killing it so that you can loot easier. Getting ingredient from monster do get cancelled when another monster attack you. (thief can always hide and loot again the advantage of being sneaky)

Learning recipes
go to a <chef expert> and pick "CRAFT" and it will show u the job level required to learn and certain money is needed to learn it. 

Leveling up
This is the part i dislike the most ~_~...

Lvl 1- 10
usually has no problem with this just pick up stuff from all the monster from east & west mt. mjollnir, you're good to get to that level.
sweet sauce just get from Chef Expert.

Lvl 11-onwards
Okay this is when life tend to get tough. This point onward all the food you craft requires a "processed material". This is also the main reason why chef is tougher. At job level 10 above, you already needing 3 items like firmament essence, root of life, earthly trace, monster fragments and spirit of ruins. 3 of these item can create 1 processed material that you need for your food creation. 

An advise to leveling is craft the highest possible level as it grant the most job exp. 
Another thing if you want to save money from buying too many sauces from chef expert, I would suggest making normal food that recover HP/SP... Since those only requires 1~2 sauce whereas the buff food all takes at least 4

farming for ingredient for processed material is random, they all seems to drop from same mob(in my opinion, do correct me if i am wrong) it's the main reason I am always low in these materials 

you might want to save up certain ingredient like spirit of ruins-> combine 3 of them to gelatin tissue of trace (main ingredient for buff food for attack & critical)

Lvl 40 & onwards
During this stage, there are monster from divided plains(near alberta) drops recipe scrolls that teach you new recipe
so far i have found a few
Chewy Antenna Noodle - boost 25 parry & defense for 60minute
Salty Antenna Stick - boost 25 defense & dodge for 60minutes
Screw Fin Cocktail - boost 25 attack, magic attack, critical for 60minutes
I kinda slow down the job leveling since these food give quite decent stat to you and worth making. Ask your friend to help you help providing you those spirit of ruins so on while you provide them with good food from above. 

j3ffm0n method of leveling ~ cheap / fast / easy method (higher the base level easier)

Farm andanoras for tough leaf at East Mjollnir Field.
Craft Pumpkin leaf wrap which yield 3062 job exp for every craft.

#1 andanoras are easy to kill at level 50
#2 Pumpkin Leaf Wrap doesn't need rare materials such as firmament essence, root of life, earthly trace, monster fragments and spirit of ruins to craft which is hard to come by
#3 killing monster in fast speed also means you will be getting more rare materials for high level food crafting
#4 Sweet Sauce are cheap

ps will update if more information obtained, do help out to make a better guide

Thank you and have fun being a chef >:)

below is my list of materials hope to help when u're hunting